Smart grid

Smart Grid or SG - the name of the global technology development for the power systems at the national and global level, for countries, cities and individual electricity consumers.

SG is the automated network of generation, transmission and consumption of electricity.

SG is the SMART system that is able to carry out self-monitoring and report as any network participants, as well as full information about the produced and transmitted electrical energy in any aspect of efficiency, losses or economic benefits.

SG provides active circuit bidirectional interaction in real time exchange of information between all network elements, generation and load. By use of digital communication networks and data communication interfaces SG promotes optimal operation of the power system infrastructure.

SG is able to effectively protect and repair itself from large system failures and fluctuations, natural disasters and external threats.

SG copes with fluctuations in electricity production caused (including but not limited to) due to integration of large quantities of renewable energy sources, transmission systems have to become smarter.

A better balance needs to be established between production & consumption, especially in light of integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources in grid hence there is a need for grid to become more automated and smarter.

Smart grid is solution to future challenges of modern grid operations.