Black Sea Submarine Cable Project

The Black Sea submarine cable project envisages the arrangement of an underwater high-voltage transmission network, which should connect the electric power systems of Georgia and Europe. Once implementing the project, a 1,155 kilometer-long cable will connect Romania, empowering Southeast Europe and Romania to take advantage of expanded export opportunities and trade electricity at hourly electricity market prices. In addition, the implementation of the project will contribute to the strengthening of energy security in Europe and the South Caucasus region, the development of the renewable energy sector and the increase of transit opportunities.

At the current stage, JSC Georgian State Electrosystem with the coordination of the Italian consulting company CESI is conducting the technical-economic study of the project. Within the framework of the mentioned studies, a desktop technical-economic study is being carried out by the CESI that also involves study of theenvironmental and social aspects of the project. Based on these studies CESI prepared the corresponding Scoping Report. The document describes the main components and activities of the project and the preliminary assessment of environmental and social impactstriggered by the construction and operation. The report furthermore reviews also aspects of stakeholder engagement.

Henceforward, within the framework of the project, an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment will be carried out, as well as geophysical and geotechnical studies of the Black Sea seabed. These studies will determine the possibilities and best ways of practical implementation of the project.

Along with the Scoping report, there are presented the Labor Management Procedure, the Stakeholder Engagement Plan and the Environmental and Social Commitment Plan developed for the Project.



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Project Team

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Nodar Ruadze

Head of Intersystem Agreements and International Interconnection Department

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Nino Erkomaishvili

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