Configuration of 220 kV Sataplia 1-2 OHL as Double-Circuit Transmission Line


The Rehabilitation Project – Configuration of 220 kV Sataplia OHL as Double-Circuit Transmission Line was implemented within the scope of Ten Year Network Development Plan approved by Order No 39 of 8 April 2015 of the Minister of Energy of Georgia as agreed with the Government of Georgia at the meeting held on 26 March 2015.

To this end, a decision was made to ensure the connection between Tskaltubo 220 substation and Kutaisi 220 substation by a new double-circuit section of 220 kV Sataplia OHL and a double-circuit section from No 53 support of 220 kV Derchi-Sataplia OHL to Tskaltubo substation (called Sataplia 1-2 OHL), ensuring the construction of a new right-of-way for 220 kV Derchi OHL instead of the above sections.

The 220 kV Sataplia Single-Circuit OHL Rehabilitation Project from No 53 support of double-circuit Derchi-Sataplia OHL to Kutaisi 220 substation was implemented on the basis of project works performed by the OHL Projects Department of JSC Georgian State Electrosystem.

Project details:

  • Cable grade used in the project: AC-400/51
  • Static wire type used in the project: C-70
  • The 13,165 km long AC-400/51 project cable has been laid between No 51 double-circuit support of Derchi-Sataplia OHL and Kutaisi 220 substation with the appropriate line fittings and new glass insulators
  • Number of installed metal supports: 45 pieces
  • Type of fiber optic cable used: SMF 24G-652D

Project period:

  • Project start date: 2 May 2016
  • Project completion date: 4 September 2016



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Project Team


Zurab Pataraia

Head of Operation Department

Tel.:+995 32 2 510 202



Vakhtang Kvaratskhelia

Head of OHL Rehabilitation Department

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202



Giga Eremadze

Head of East OHL Rehabilitation Department

Tel.:+995 32 510 202