Jvari-Khorga Interconnection Project

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The objective of Kavkasioni Transmission Line (TL) and Jvari Substation construction project, including construction of TLs interconnecting Jvari and Khorga substations, was construction of Jvari Substation (500/220 kV) and TLs (500 kV and 220 kV), connecting Jvari and Khorga substations. The project was of state significance and an integral part of the Ten-Year Plan for Development of Georgian Transmission Network, approved by Decree N122 of December 31, 2015 by Minister of Energy of Georgia.

The project was funded from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), German Development Bank (KfW) and Neighborhood Investment Facility (NIF).

Project Components:

  1. Package A – Construction of 500/220 kV substation in Jvari - construction was executed by CompanyEFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas, S.A. The construction has been finalized. The Taking-Over Certificate was signed on March 17, 2019.
  2. Package B – construction of a 220kV double circuit transmission line from Jvari SS to Khorga SS (approximately 60 km) and the looping of double-circuit 500kV Kavkasioni overhead line in Jvari substation (approximately 8km) - construction was commenced by Company Jyoti Structures Limited, although the contract with that company was terminated due to non-fulfillment of contractual obligations and the works on 500 kV section were completed directly by GSE, whereas the works on 220 kV TL were finalized by CompanyBozlar Yapi Enerji Muhendislik Insaat Taahhut Bilisim Sanayi Ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi. The Taking-Over Certificate was signed on October 24, 2022. The TL has been under warranty period to date.
  3. Package C - Procurement-supervision of consultation service - The supervision was executed by CompanyFichtner GmbH. The Contract has been completed.
  4. Package D - Procuring of special equipment and tools - Contractors:Tegeta Truck and Bus Ltd, Tesmec SPA, Temsa Is Makinalari and Business Group 2010. All contracts have been completed.
  5. Package E - Procuring of reactor for Zestaponi 500 kV substation and transformer for Marneuli 220 kV substation - Contractor Companies:Grid Enerji Endustrisi A.S (reactor for Zustaponi) andXian Electric Engineerin Co., Ltd (transformer for Marneuli). The contracts have been completed. The Taking-Over Certificates with both companies were signed in October 2019.

The activities carried out in the framework of the project facilitated the transfer of electricity from the hydropower plants located in north-west part of the country to the direction of west Georgia, Poti free industrial zone and Turkey, and at the same time, increased the power supply to East Georgia.


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Project Team:

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Jemal Akhalaia

Southern Network Manager
Tel.: +995 32 2 510 140
E-mail: jemal.akhalaia@gse.com.ge

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Tea Toriashvili

Southern Network Deputy Manager
Project Management
Tel.: +995 32 2 510 140
E-mail: tea.toriashvili@gse.com.ge