Construction of 110kV OHL BP and S/S Jandara-110; 110kV Line bay in S/S Gardabani-500

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British Petroleum (BP) is one of the largest energy companies in the world operating and developing three major oil and gas pipelines running through the territory of Georgia. At the request of the company, the construction of 110kV OHL and Jandara SS in Gardabani region has been completed successfully. Jandara SS is now connected to Gardabani 500 SS owned by JSC Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) through 110 kV OHL BP. GSE arranged Jandara-110 SS, constructed the 110kV OHL for its connection to the Grid and prepared the design documents.

Project Details:

  • The construction of Jandara 110 SS (installed capacity of 16 MVA) is in progress,
  • In E-15 cell at Jandara-110 SS and Gardabani 500 SS steel structure installation completed
  • Installation of primary and secondary equipment in E-15 cell at Jandara 110 SS and Gardabani 500 SS, including, 110 circuit breaker, 110kV surge arrestors, 110kV support insulators, 110kV disconnectors, 10kV disconnector, 10kV surge arrestors, 110kV current transformers, 10kV capacitor battery
  • Control and protection container at E-15 bay of Gardabani 500 SS
  • 10kV container at Jandara 110 SS.
  • 16MVA 110/10kV transformer installed
  • Arrangement of reinforced concrete foundations completed
  • Cable ducts arranged
  • Laying of cables at E-15 of Gardabani 500 SS
  • Substation fencing works completed
  • 95% of 110kV OHL BP construction works completed, length of BP OHL - 9.52km.
  • 99% of the procurement works completed

Project period:

  • The project started on 1 October 2016
  • The estimated project completion date is 28 April 2017

Project Cost:

  • GEL 7.38 mln. GEL (VAT exclusive)


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Project Team


Vakhtang Modebadze

Project Manager

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Giorgi Kartozia


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Ekaterine Mchedlishvili

Deputy Head of Procurement Contracts Monitoring Service

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