Grievance Redress Mechanism

Along with developing of the power sector and thus, supporting the national economy through building our infrastructure, JSC ‘Georgian State Electrosystem’ (GSE) also fully acknowledges its solemn responsibility towards the private communities and the population in the ongoing and upcoming project areas. Thus, for construction and operation overhead lines and substations in an efficient way, all of GSE’s projects are open to the vast public and enable stakeholders to engage with the decision-making process, express their views and influence mitigation and technical solutions. Accordingly, all the issues regarding the project implementation: resettlement, land acquisition or environmental protection and natural resources are discussed with the stakeholders.

On the other hand, GSE always tries to promptly adopt internationally recognized effective practices for other infrastructureprojects. In this respect, GSE recognized effective Grievance Redress Mechanism (GRM) which addresses grievances in an efficient, timely and cost-effective manner, that arise in the Project. All grievance will be categorized by most frequently used types: Land acquisition, physical resettlement, construction damages, environmental issues etc.

In accordance with the implementation of the project by GSE, anyone who is affected or believes is affected by the project can raise a grievance by:

1. Contacting the GSE CLOs who are on field and can receive oral or written grievances (grievances received verbally will be written down and logged into the grievance database) in the:

  • City halls in local municipalities, where are available grievance registration forms;
  • Entrance of the construction area or in the project affected villages;
  • GSE headquarter- Tbilisi, St. Baratashvili N2, 0105.

2. E-mail-


4.Hotline: +(99532) 2 510 202

Grievances received from different sources will be documented and all grievance information will be recorded in a grievance log/database. The copy of the recorded grievance will be sent to the complainant.

GSE’s GRM includes the three-stage grievance resolution process which involves the following main steps:

  • Receipt of grievances;
  • Screening for standing;
  • Stage 1 of the GRM involves an informal (oral) review and settlement of the complaint (whether written or oral);
  • Stage 2 GSE resolution at central level;
  • Stage 3 GSE Grievance Redress Committee- The Grievance Redress Commission will review and decide upon the grievance in compliance with the Administrative Code of Georgia. The complainant shall be informed in writing of GSE’s decision.
  • Closure of grievances;
  • Grievance records and documentation.

If GSE’s decision fails to satisfy the aggrieved affected persons, they can pursue further action by submitting their case to the appropriate court of law.

Complainant will be informed about their rights and responsibilities, procedures and instructions, how to submit the grievance, the grievance format and all the other relative issues, as well as, final decision will be sent by the official letter.