Lot 3 - OHL: Component C1B, 220 kV Kheledula - Lajanuri OHL and 220 kV Oni – Lajanuri OHL

Country Georgia
Name and address of Project Execution Agency Georgian State Electrosystem JSC (GSE)2 Baratashvili St.,Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia
Project Open Program Energy Sector
Financing Institute KfW Development Bank
BMZ No. 2017 68 340
KfW Procurement No. 504841
Type of Notice Tender Notice
Bid Submission Deadline 28.02.2024

GSE has received financing from KfW toward the cost of Open Program Energy Sector and intends to apply part of the proceeds toward payments under the contract for:

Lot 3 - OHL:Component C1B; 220 kV Kheledula - Lajanuri OHL and 220 kV Oni – Lajanuri OHL

GSE now invites sealed Bids from Bidders for the design, supply and installation of Lot 3 - OHL, pertaining to the following items:

  • Construction of 220 kV Double Circuit (D/C) OHL between future Kheledula HPP and future Lajanuri Substation;
  • Construction of 220 kV Double Circuit (D/C) OHL between future Oni Substation and future Lajanuri Substation;
  • Re-Routing of Existing 110 kV “Moashi” Line.

The Scope of Works is deemed to be inclusive of all relevant towers, conductors, earthwire, OPGW, insulators, supply of spare parts and special tools, etc., as well as the civil works, detail design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, testing, commissioning, energizing works and services, and training complete in each respect at turnkey basis, as detailed and specified in the Part 2, Employer’s Requirements.

The time for completion of the whole works shall be 48 months, followed by a 24-months defects notification period.

Bidding will be conducted by means of the International Competitive Bidding procedure as specified in the KfW’s Procurement Guidelines (“Guidelines”), January 2021.

Eligible bidders will be required to submit full qualification information with their bids establishing their eligibility to bid and qualification to perform the contract if the bid is accepted.

Further information can be obtained from:


Ms. Mari Mirzashvili

Head of International Projects and Reporting Department,

Georgian State Electrosystem JSC,

2 Baratashvili St.,

Tbilisi, 0105, Georgia,

e-mail: mari.mirzashvili@gse.com.ge

The Bidding Documents will be provided electronically only, free of charge, upon request to the following e-mail addresses:



The request must be accompanied by a cover letter, signed and stamped, clearly stating the name of the company and the country of domicile. The names and the e-mail addresses of the person(s) that shall be provided with access to the complete set of the Bidding Documents shall be explicitly indicated in this cover letter. No other person will be provided with access.

Generic e-mail addresses (e.g. info@, or sales@ etc.) will not be accepted.

The document will be provided in PDF format, as well as in Word/Excel format. In case of discrepancy the PDF version shall prevail.

A compulsory pre-bid meeting is presently scheduled for 30.01.2024.

Bids must be delivered to the address indicated in the clause ITB 23.1 of the bidding document on or before 28.02.2024, 10:30 a.m. (Georgia Standard Time GET). Late Bids will be rejected.

In the first public session, only the Technical Bids (including the qualification document) will be opened in the presence of the Bidders’ designated representatives. In the second public session only the financial Bids of those Bidders who have fulfilled the qualification and technical requirements as per the bidding document will be opened.

All Bids must be accompanied by a Bid Security.