220/110kV substation Khorga Construction


Under the Regional Power Transmission Enhancement Project, GSE implemented the construction of a new 220/110kV substation Khorga with 220kV and 110kV line bays, two 220/110/10kV autotransformers and associated equipment. The project was financed by ADB (Asian Development Bank).Construction works were carried out by Siemens Austria AG. The substation successfully completed which resulted in strengthening the transmission network and supporting the industrial growth of Poti, the Free Industrial Zone, as well as the energy export to Turkey.

Project Details:

  • New 12 220kV bays fully equipped and commissioned (plus 2 spare place)
  • New 8 110kV bays fully equipped and commissioned (plus 2 spare place)
  • New Double bus bur systems for 220kV and 110kV sides
  • 220 kV Paliastomi 2 looped in SS Khorga, OHL divided with two parts, OHL Paliastomi 2 and OHL Rukhi
  • 110 kV OHL Poti 1-2 energized from SS Khorga
  • New SCADA system equipped with New Control and Protection, Siprotec 5 implemented
  • Installed Capacity 400 MVA (2x 200 MVA Autotransformer)
  • New Control Building and Guard House with capability to control with video surveillance system (CCTV)
  • New connection will be developed between SS Khorga and SS Jvari 500 via 220 kV Odishi 1-2

Project Construction Time:

  • Project Started 9th of July 2014
  • Construction works completed on 3rd of April 2016
  • Project Operational Certificate was issued on 3rd of August 2016

Project Cost:

  • 11.9 mln. Euro



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Project Team


Giorgi Guldedava

Project Manager

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: giorgi.guldedava@gse.com.ge


Giorgi Mangoshvili

Senior Engineer

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: giorgi.mangoshvili@gse.com.ge


Giorgi Bigvava


Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: giorgi.bigvava@gse.com.ge


Mari Mirzashvili

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: mari.mirzashvili@gse.com.ge


Tinatin Kirkitadze

Project Coordinator

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: tinatin.kirkitadze@gse.com.ge