Extension of Marneuli 220kV substation with a 500kV switchyard


Under the project the existing Marneuli 220kV substation was extended by a 500kV switchyard. The existing 500kV transmission lines Vardzia (Akhaltsikhe – Gardabani link) and Mukhrani (Ksani – Armenia link) were looped in. A new 500/220/10kV autotransformer and a short 220kV overhead line connected to the existing 220kV switchyard of Marneuli substation. The substation was equipped with state-of-art technologies, control and protection systems, video surveillance cameras, the substtation is integrated in the grid and remotely controled from NCC. 4 units  of 220MVA autotransformers and 180 Mvar variable shunt reactor were installed. After completion of the project, the installed capacity of the power grid incresed by 660 MVA and safe evacuation of power from the thermal plants located in the eastern part of Georgia was ensured. A new 500kV network was created around Tbilisi establishing an additional power supply to the east part of Georgia, especially Tbilisi metropolitan area and Kvemo Kartli Region. In the future, it is planned to establish a power transit corridor with Armenia, for this purpose, a 500kV bay is already arranged at 500kV Marneuli substation. The project is implemented by the consortium of Balikesir Elektromekanik Sanayi Tesisleri A.S. and BEST Elektrik Taahüt ve Ticaret A.S. (BEST/BETAS), Turkey.

Project Details:

  • New double bus bur system arranged on 500kV side
  • Installed capacity 660 MVA (4x 220 MVA single phase autotransformer, including 1 phase as a spare)
  • New variable shunt reactor with 180 Mvar (3x 60 Mvar single phase shunt reactor)
  • 10kV cable connection between (Up to 800 m) 220kV SS Marneuli and 500kV SS Marneuli
  • 220kV connection Between 220kV SS Marneuli and 500kV SS Marneuli, with 2 wires in each phase
  • New Bay for future Armenia connection fully equipped and commissioned.
  • New SCADA system equipped with New Control and Protection
  • SS Remote control accessible from Marneuli 220 and NCC
  • Closed circuit television system implemented with capability to control from remote

Project Construction Time:

  • Project started on 31 October 2014
  • Major works under the project completed on October 7, 2016
  • Operation Certificate was issued on December 21, 2016

Project Cost:

  • 17.4 mln. USD and 1.286.000 GEL



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Project Team


Giorgi Guldedava

Project Manager

Tel.: +995 32 2 510 202

E-mail: giorgi.guldedava@gse.com.ge


Vano Mumladze

Senior Engineer

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Giorgi Mangoshvili

Senior Engineer

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Mari Mirzashvili

Project Coordinator

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Mari Ebanoidze

Project Coordinator

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