Import tariff

Electricity import tariff is set by GNEWRC. Current import tariff set by GNEWRC’s (resolution #33, dated December 4, 2008) is marginal and is determined with the following formula:

T =(T imp. X E + U cust. +U serv. + U reg. + U bank.)/E,
T - Marginal Tariff of the Electricity Import (GEL/kWh);
T imp. – The electricity cost ( GEL/kWh) determined by appropriate contract or the electricity exchange coefficient;
E – The volume of actually imported electricity (KWh);
U cust. – Fee established for the Customs Service (GEL);
U regul.
– Regulation Fee (GEL);
U serv. - Service cost of The Electricity System Commercial Operator, Ltd (in case of the import carried out by the The Electricity System Commercial Operator, Ltd U serv. = 0)
U bank
– Bank Guarantee Service Fee (GEL), submitted by the qualified enterprise to the foreign enterprise for the electricity import in Georgia. (The amount of bank guarantee shall not exceed the two months sum of the contractual amount of import. Herewith, bank guarantee fee, for first calculation period, shall not exceed 0, 50% of the guarantee amount, and for each following calculation period shall not exceed 0, 20% of the guarantee amount. One-time actual expenses of bank guarantee, incurred prior to the commencement of import, shall be reflected in the first calculation period of the import, and all other expenses determined by bank guarantee agreement shall be reflected in import tariff according to the relevant calculation period, when expenses actually incurred.)