Data from the power system

Georgian power system is presented by Hydro, Thermal and Wind power plants. Currently, total installed capacity of Georgian system is 4536,5 MW. Namely:

  • Hydro Power Plants - 3359,4 MW:
    • Water reservoir Hydro plants 1993.1 MW;
    • Seasonal Hydro plants 1100.1 MW;
    • Small Hydro plants (<15 MW) 266.1 MW.
  • Thermal Electric Power Plants - 1156.4 MW:
    • Steam Turbines 572.0 MW;
    • CCGT 461.2 MW;
    • Gas Turbine 110.0 MW;
    • Coal 13.2 MW.
  • Renewable (except for water) - 20.7 MW:
    • Wind Power Plants is 20.7 MW.

Georgian power system is connected with the neighboring systems by following main high voltage interconnection lines:

Interconnected Lines:

Country Line TitleVoltage kV
GE<--> AMAlaverdi220
GE<--> AZGardabani330
GE<--> AZMukhranis Velly500
GE<--> RUKavkasioni500
GE<--> RUSalkhino220
GE<--> RUJava110
GE<--> RUNakaduli110
GE<--> TRMeskheti*400
GE<--> TRAdjara220

* Connected through HVDC