Rehabilitation works completed successfully on the IFARI OHL

Georgian State Electrosystem has completed restoration works on the IFARI OHL located in Svaneti Municipality.

The power transmission line connects Kvemo Svaneti and Mestia substations with each other and its main route runs at 3000 meters above sea level. The icing resulting from strong frosts and the snow mass fell over the transmission line because of snowstorm caused damage to the wires.

Due to the difficult geographical location, the use of vehicles in the territory of concern is not possible until mid-June, so the groups of workers were transported in helicopters every day. Because of the hard work of GSE employees, the damage on IFARI transmission line was eliminated in the shortest possible time.The smooth and reliable operation of the transmission line is of great importance in the development of tourism in Svaneti. In the course of the works, power was supplied to consumers through the Khudoni transmission line, therefore, there was no restriction of power supply.