Year-End Meeting at Tbilisi Regional Network Office

The management team of Georgian State Electrosystem, headed by Sulkhan Zumburidze, started the project of visits to regional networks. The first meeting was held at Tbilisi Regional Network Office.

Within the frame of the visit, the GSE management team visited the Navtlughi-220 and Didube-220 substations and familiarized with the work carried out during the year.The management team also visited the Shindisi-35 substation and the area in the village of Tabakhmela, where they plan to build a 220 kV substation equipped with modern technologies in 2018.

After examining the substations, the year-end meeting was held at Tbilisi Regional Network Office. Sulkhan Zumburidze, Head of the Management Board, and Davit Lagradze, Tbilisi Regional Network Manager, made presentations at the meeting and spoke about the works carried out within the company and regional network during 2017. "We have successfully completed large-scale infrastructural projects; this process involves development of our internal network, accession to new generation sources and approximation to European standards. Thank you for your selfless work, which makes our company move forward every year ", - Sulkhan Zumburidze stated. At the end of the meeting, the management team held a dialogue with the staff.

The company management meetings with employees are planned at all regional network offices.