Reserve Autotransformer Was Installed at Zestaponi Substation

Georgian State Electrosystem has successfully completed the 220 kV reserve autotransformer installation works at Zestafoni -500 SS. Due to the large dimensions, the autotransformer transportation and installation works were associated with certain difficulties but GSE Transformer Maintenance Office employees coped with the difficulties with own resources and through selfless work.

The autotransformer was placed on rolling rails near the current autotransformer, which will allow to be operated, if necessary, in the shortest possible time (within a maximum of 10 days) without any dismantling or installation. This will considerably save both the time and the human resources, since similar activities usually require 30-40 days.

In consequence of the Project, we created the transformer reserves at Zestafoni -500 SS, which will considerably increase the network reliability and contribute to the continuous and stable power supply.

autotransformer (small).jpg