GSE Presented Innovative Module for Software Supplying

Member of the Board of Directors of Georgian State Electrosystem, Vano Zardiashvili presented the innovative software supplying module - "Database" to Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Comission.
The meeting was attended by Giorgi Gigineishvili - Director General of Georgian State Electrosystem, David Narmania, the Chairman of Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Comission and representatives of other companies.
The module, created and implemented by the initiative of the GSE, ensures the management of the database according to modern standards, offers costumers a secure, constantly updated, accessible platform, where it is possible to view the status of any local or international project, specifying desired period and parameters.
The program has no analogues. It provides database creation, management/monitoring and reporting through a flexible system. The settings of the base are adjusted as much as possible to activities of the entire organization as well as individual departments and services of the company.
By implementation of the modern programs, Georgian State Electrosystem tries to make it flexible to manage database with modern standards and increase the accessibility to the information.