GSE Conducted Testing of Enguri HPP Startup from Scratch

Under the requirements of the Network Code, regular testing of startup from scratch of the most important and key hydropower plant for the country’s energy sector was conducted on 14 March 2017 (last year the testing was conducted on 31 March 2016). The testing started at 02:10 a.m. The HPP managed to start up from scratch independently from the system and to get voltage on own consumption transformers from generator No 5 in 44 minutes. According to the approved program, the autonomously operating HPP was loaded up to 66 MW; synchronization with the system was made at 03:31 a.m.; frequency and voltage settings were in line with the requirements of the Network Code.

If the power system switches off in full or in part, Enguri HPP has the feature to restore the system from scratch. The testing was conducted to serve this goal.

Engurhesi Enabling Restoration of Shutdown Power System