Caucasus University Students Visit Georgian State Electrosystem

Caucasus University bachelor students of School of Public Administration visited Georgian State Electrosystem. In the head-office the students saw control panel equipped with up-to-date technologies, which ensures operational management of power system. They were given a short lecture about energy in general and the role of GSE in the development of the country’s energy sector. Later the students also visited substation “Navtlugi” and GSE Training Center Polygon where they were directly involved in various electrical equipment testing.

Attracting new generation in the energy sector is one of the top priorities of GSE. Georgian State Electrosystem is trying to introduce the company to many young people, it’s current large-scale projects and established modern technologies, also recently significantly improved European standard infrastructure and modern efficient governance scheme tailored to European standards.Such meetings will continue in the future in Georgian State Electrosystem.

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