Meeting within the framework of the Black Sea Regional Transmission Planning Project

Representatives of Georgian State Electrosystem participated in the joint meeting of the Black Sea Regional Transmission Planning Project (BSTP) and Black Sea Regulatory Initiative Project (BSRI) on February 28 this year.The meeting was held at Tbilisi Marriot Hotel with the support of the American Energy Association USEA and USAID with the participation of transmission network operators and regulator companies from Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Moldova, Armenia, Ukraine and Romania. The parties discussed at the meeting the issues of transboundary power trade and capacity reserve exchange.

Sulkhan Zumburidze, Chairman of the Management Board of GSE delivered a welcome speech at the meeting: " USEA and USAID have long and successful cooperation with Georgian State Electrosystem. With the help of USEA and USAID, our company has purchased the world-known computer programs for power system planning. Taking into account the integration of new hydro power plants in the power system of Georgia, a number of commitments have been taken from the European Energy Community, including the one of market liberalization.For the successful fulfilment of these commitments and the use of intersystem power trade potential, only domestic resources are not enough and it is of great importance that our Western partners, including USEA and USAID, give us assistance and share their European experience," - Sulkhan Zumburidze said.