Autotransformer installation works have been performed at Marneuli-220 SS

To increase reliability of 220/110 kV connection and transit network, Georgian State Electrosystem performed additional 125 MVA autotransformer installation works at Marneuli-220 SS.

Marneuli-220 SS is of systemic significance, which is connected to the unified transmission network and is responsible for the power supplyin Kvemo Kartli region. Kvemo Kartli region is one of the fastest growing regions in Georgia, including in terms of production and agriculture. Therefore, it is very important to increase power supply stability in this region. There was only one autotransformer operating at the substation before the installation of a new one, which could be repaired only after its disconnection that caused customer discomfort. The installation of an additional transformer has solved the problem.

As a result of the project implementation, the stability of the transmission network will sharply increase, the network power supply risks will be reduced and the quality of power supply to customers will significantly be improved.