Public Consultation of the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project

As part of the feasibility study for the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project, the Georgian State Electrosystem conducted public consultations on the pre-project documentation in both Tbilisi and Zugdidi.
Representatives from various state agencies, the private sector, scientific and educational institutions, as well as non-governmental organizations, attended the meetings.
Representatives from GSE and experts from the Italian consulting company CESI delivered presentations during the public hearings.
In addition to providing a general overview of the project, the discussions delved into planned methodologies for studying the Black Seabed, technical tasks related to environmental and social impact, and other relevant topics. The meeting proceeded in a question-and-answer format.
With financing from the World Bank and support from the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the Georgian State Electrosystem has been conducting the technical-economic study of the project since 2022.
The Black Sea Submarine Cable Project involves the installation of a high-voltage underwater transmission network, aimed at connecting the electric power systems of Georgia and Europe.

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