New Cell to be Constructed at Tskaltubo 220 Substation

Giorgi Gigineishvili, Director General of Georgian State Electrosystem, Serdar Unsal, board member of the contractor company BEST, and Ruchan Ucok, General Manager, have signed the construction contract for the expansion of the Tskaltubo 220 substation.
The Tskaltubo 220 substation is located in Maghlaki village, Tskaltubo municipality. The substation was commissioned in 1990. From 2009 to 2014, a complete rehabilitation was carried out, during which all electrical equipment was replaced. As a result the quality of the voltage parameters and the reliability of the network significantly improved.
The Tskaltubo substation fully supplies electricity to the Imereti and Racha-Lechkhumi regions. The substation is connected to the Lajanuri HPP by the Derchi power transmission line, to the Kutaisi substation by the Sataplia 1.2 transmission lines, and to the Menji substation by the Senaki 1.2 transmission lines.
Within the framework of the new project, a new 220 kV cell will be arranged in the Tskaltubo substation, the necessity of this arrangement was caused due to the power transmission line Derchi double-circuit project. As a result of the completion of the project, in case of 500 kV OHL Tskaltubo-Lajanuri shut down, the energy generated by the power plants will be still supplied to the network without interruption.
Electricity supply in Western Georgia will be significantly strengthened and it will be possible to meet the growing demand for electricity inside and outside the country.
The expansion project of the Tskaltubo 220 substation will be implemented with financial support from KfW on behalf of the German Government, by the contractor company BEST. Completion deadline is 2025.
The above mentioned project is being implemented within the framework of Energy Network Improvement Programme (ENIP).
ENIP is an extensive investment programme into Georgia’s transmission infrastructure realized by the partnership between the European Union, GSE and KfW, working as Team Europe.
The total investment of ENIP is EUR 270 Mio, co-financed by KfW on behalf of the Federal Republic of Germany and EBRD, including EUR 9.9 Mio grant funding from the EU Neighbourhood Investment Platform (EU NIP) implemented by KfW.
Within the programme, 7 substations and more than 540 km of power transmission lines are being built and expanded in 2023-2028 years.

The Energy Network Improvement Programme (ENIP) is co-funded by:

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