Working Meeting about Cross-border Electricity Trade Issues

As part of the USAID Energy Future Assurance Program, representatives from the Georgian State Electriosystem engaged in a working meeting convened in Yerevan.The principal focus of the meeting was to deliberate on matters of cross-border electricity trade between Georgia and Armenia.

Representatives from the Georgian side included as well individuals from USAID Georgia, members of the Energy Future Assurance Program, the Georgian Energy Exchange, and the National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission. Armenian side included representatives from the Secure Energy Activity of Armenia, financed by the USAID, the Public Service Regulatory Commission, the Electric Power System Operator, the Market Operator, the High Voltage Power Grid, and the Yerevan Thermal Power Plant.

Georgian and Armenian colleagues discussed cross-border electricity trade issues between neighboring countries, along with ways to harmonize legislative and regulatory frameworks. They underscored on the significance of constructing additional power transmission infrastructure, as it will enhance the capacity for electricity transfer and bolster energy security standards.

Additionally, future plans were formulated to enhance energy cooperation between the two neighboring countries, further solidifying their partnership in the sector.

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