New Autotransformers are being Installed in Gardabani 500

Three 330 kV, 133 mW autotransformers are being installed at the Gardabani 500 substation, which belongs to Georgian State Electrosystem. Some of the autotransformers in the substation are no longer operational. It has become necessary to replace them with new units.

In May, the old autotransformers were dismantled, removed from their cells, and placed on the foundation. In June, the installation of the new autotransformers began, with completion scheduled for mid-July 2024. Current work is being carried out by the transformer repair service of the Georgian State Electrosystem.

Gardabani 500 is a key substation in Georgia's energy system, therefore 330 kV autotransformers are essential for working with Azerbaijan's energy system and play a significant role in ensuring the stability and reliability of the overall energy system.

As a result of the project, it will be possible to achieve an operational, stable, and synchronous mode of operation with Azerbaijan's power system. This will significantly increase the reliability of Georgia's energy system and ensure that consumers receive a continuous and stable electricity supply.