Georgian State Electrosystem at Working Meeting of Black Sea Cable Project

Representatives of the Georgian State Electrosystem, under the leadership of the member of the Board of Directors Zviad Gachechiladze, attended the working meeting of the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project, which was organized by the consulting company CESI. World Bank experts and representatives of energy sector companies from Romania, Hungary and Azerbaijan took part in the meeting.

CESI representatives submitted an interim report as part of the feasibility study, which included determination of optimal interconnection opportunities, technical characterization of the project, and selection of the probable route. During the meeting they also discussed current and planned meetings.Within the scope of the visit, the participants visited the laboratory of CESI, where the selection and testing of necessary tools for the construction of underwater and terrestrial high-voltage transmission lines is carried out.

The technical-economic study, within the framework of the Black Sea Submarine Cable Project, is being carried out by the consulting company CESI under the order of the Georgian State Electrosystem from 2022.The Black Sea submarine cable will connect the electric energy systems of Georgia and Europe through a 195-kilometer long high-voltage infrastructure.The implementation of the project will contribute to the strengthening of energy security in Europe and the South Caucasus region, the development of the renewable energy sector and the growth of transit opportunities.