Educational Tour for High School Students of Mereti Village

As part of the educational tour, Georgian State Electrosystem welcomed senior students from Mereti Public School from Gori Municipality, near the occupation line.

The students first visited the GSE headquarters, where they toured the National Dispatch Center, gaining insights into its fundamental operational principles. They were also presented with information about the role of the Georgian State Electrosystem in the country’s energy development and received presentations on general energy topics, including the development in renewable energy production.

Following the head office visit, the students toured the Navtlughi 220 substation, where they learned about power transmission lines and the general operation of substations. They actively participated in checking power transmission lines using various electrical equipment.The students also had the opportunity to visit the GSE training center, where prospective energy professionals undergo free internships and later on are hired by the company.

Georgian State Electrosystem has been organizing educational tours for students from schools in Tbilisi and various regions since 2016. To spark interest in the energy sector among the younger generation, GSE organizes various educational events. These activities aim to showcase the company’s major projects and inform students about potential career paths in the field of energy, helping them make informed decisions about their future careers.

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