Educational Tour at Georgian State Electrosystem

Georgian State Electrosystem is continuing actively conducting an educational tour for high school students in both Tbilisi and regional schools. This time Georgian State Electrosystem hosted high school students from STEM field, interested in energy. The students visited GSE as part of the “Energy Future Assurance Program,” implemented by the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in collaboration with the non-governmental organization “Women in Energy”.

The students visited with National Dispatch Center, situated at GSE's headquarters, where they gained insights into the fundamental principles of its operation. Students were given presentations about general energy, including the development of renewable energy production, the role of Georgian State Electrosystem in the country's energy development and the involvement of women in energy sector. They gained information on the training center of GSE, where prospective energy professionals undergo free internships and later on are hired by the company.

GSE conducts various educational activities aimed at gain interest in the field of energy among the younger generation. GSE endeavors to introduce as many young people as possible to the company’s large-scale projects and to provide information on diverse career opportunities in the field of energy, which can be pivotal for them in making career decisions.