Educational Tour Continues at Georgian State Electrosystem

To promote interest in the field of energy among the younger generation, the Georgian State Electrosystem is actively conducting an educational tour for high school students in both Tbilisi and regional schools.

This time, the Georgian State Electrosystem hosted students from Tamar Mepe Gymnasium. The students started their visit with a tour of the National Dispatch Center, situated at GSE's headquarters, where they gained insights into the fundamental principles of its operation. Students were given presentations about general energy, including the development of renewable energy production. The role of Georgian State Electrosystem in the country's energy development was also emphasized. The students were provided with valuable information regarding both the achievements and challenges within the energy sector.

Following their visit to the National Dispatch Center, the students proceeded to the Navtlughi 220 substation. Here, company employees shared general information about the operation and specifics of power transmission lines and substations with the high school students. The students were given the unique opportunity to actively participate in the process of checking power transmission lines using various electrical equipment.

Educational tours for students from various schools within the Georgian State Elecrosystem will be held throughout the year.