ENTSO-E's 10-Year Development Plan Unveils Promising Initial Results

The European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E) acknowledges the Black Sea submarine cable project proposed by the Georgian State Electrosystem in the initial results of the 2024-2034 10-year network development plan.

In late 2023, ENTSO-E announced the acceptance for project submissions for the development plan. In response, the Georgian State Electrosystem applied for the inclusion of the Black Sea submarine cable project in the plan.

At this stage ENTSO-E network development plan's list of projects to be considered has been published, and it includes the Black Sea submarine cable project presented by GSE.The project envisions the establishment of an underwater high-voltage transmission network that will interconnect the electric power systems of Georgia and Europe. Its successful implementation will unlock expanded export opportunities for Southeast Europe and Romania.

ENTSO-E's 10-year network development plan serves as a tool for electricity infrastructure development, assessing the EU's energy system infrastructure, key scenarios, and projects to guide its future development.

The final results of the 10-year plan will be announced at the end of 2024.