Discussion of Ongoing Processes in Energy Sector

Georgian State Electrosystem participated in meetings held in several European countries in order to discuss ongoing processes in Georgian electrcity market. Within the framework of the visit, important meetings were held in Belgrade with the representatives of the Serbian power system. Members of the Board of Directors of GSE Giorgi Amuzashvili and Zviad Gachechiladze met with Elena Matevich, the General Manager of Transmission System Operator of Serbia.
The parties shared their experiences, the conversation touched on the possibilities of close cooperation between the transmission system operators of Georgia and Serbia, which will contribute to the process of joining Georgian State Electrosystem to ENTSO-E.
In a workshop held in Athens within the framework of the "Energy Sector Management Assistance Program" Challenges in the energy sector, such as cyber security and elimination of simulated incidents were discussed.
Representatives of GSE informed the attendees about the current situation in the company regarding personnel and technological issues in connection to the ISO-27001 standard.
At the meeting, the recommendations of EU and NATO experts were discussed in order to overcome the challenges in the energy field.
The representatives of Georgian State Electrosystem also attended another meeting of the administrative consuls of CIGRE member states in Sarajevo, where they discussed the issues of planning financial, administrative and technical events and discussed the organizational issues for the 2024 Paris summary session.