Meeting Within the Framework of the Strategic Partnership Project of Four Countries

Director general of Georgian State Electrosystem, Giorgi Gigineishvili took part in the working meeting between energy companies from Georgia, Romania, the republic of Azerbaijan, and Hungary.
The meeting, held in Baku, was part of the agreement on “Strategic Partnership in the Development and Transmission of Green Energy.” Representatives from the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia also attended.
During the meeting, representatives from energy companies of the four countries discussed legal and practical issues related to the creation of a joint venture. They also listened to opinions and proposals presented by Georgia.
The parties talked about future cooperation and agreed to hold the next working meeting in Georgia.
The Agreement on "Strategic Partnership in the Development and Transmission of Green Energy", signed on December 17, 2022, in Bucharest between the governments of the four countries, aims to enhance cooperation between the above-mentioned countries in terms of the use and development of the potential of renewable energy sources.
A crucial component of the agreement is joint cooperation in the further development of the Black Sea submarine cable project (addressing issues related to design, construction, and operation).
The project is currently in the feasibility study phase. Upon implementation, the energy systems of the South Caucasus and Europe will be directly connected, presenting a significant investment opportunity for both Georgia and its neighboring countries.

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