Meeting of Heads of Georgian State Electrosystem and TEIAS

Giorgi Gigineishvili, Director General of Georgian State Electrosystem, met with the Head of Turkish TSO (TEIAS) to discuss mutual cooperation between Georgia and Turkey in the energy sector.

The Georgian and Turkish colleagues discussed the necessary measures for signing the construction contract of the new power transmission line "Akhaltsikhe-Tortumi" and the final positions related to the project of the new contract concerning operation between GSE and TEIAS. The conversation touched the issue of fully utilizing the existing capacity of the power transmission line “Akhaltsikhe-Borchkha” connecting Georgia and Turkey.

The possibility of creating a long-term development plan and the future cooperation setup between Georgian State Electrosystem and TEIAS was also discussed at the business meeting, which will contribute to maximizing the energy potential of the two countries and ensure reliable power supply between the strategic partners.

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