Introducing an Innovative Software Module to International Donor Organizations

Vano Zardiashvili, a member of the Board of Directors of Georgian State Electrosystem, presented ongoing legislative, structural and software innovative module at GSE to the regional directors of donor organizations - Asian Development Bank (ADB), European Investment Bank (EIB), World Bank (WB), USAID, KfW Development Bank and the environmental and social experts.
The application - All Projects is unique, providing enhanced management of social, environmental, and technical issues, allowing integration of millions of diverse documents.

Representatives of international financial institutions, tremendously impressed by the program, recognized it as the best international practice. Additionally, Eastern European and Central Asian countries were recommended to emulate GSE management experience and infrastructure project implementing organizations to introduce an innovative module.

During the meeting, Vano Zarandishvili spoke about legal, environmental protection, social and permit projects that occurred in Georgian State Electrosystem.
He highlighted effective work practices resulting from these projects that significantly improved the company’s activities.

• According to the command of the government, the projects to implemented by GSE were given the status of projects of special state and public importance, within the framework of which it became possible to implement systemic registration.

• In order to clarify and unify the issues of land acquisition and compensation issue across the country, the resettlement law was prepared and sent for consideration, which ensures that the unregulated area is brought into a certain legal scope and Georgia's legislation assembles with international regulations.

• The law on licensing and supervision has been initiated in the Parliament of Georgia, envisioning the creation of a supervisory agency for the safety of the electrical grid arrangement. This will involve the control of both structures under construction and those already built.

• To effectively manage projects, a structural unit of land registration was created. With their involvement, GSE gained access to the ‘Atom’ archive program, greatly simplifying the registration of private land plots and obtaining rights to them in a short period.

• Within the scope of the powers delegated by the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, it became possible to register the plots of land affected by the project as state property and encumber them with the right of easement in the shortest possible time.
• In National Agency of Public Registry, the buffer of interest from projects was registered, fixed as layers.

• According to the order of the General Director of Georgian State Electrosystem, the minimum compensation limit was established. This simplifies the process of conducting negotiations with the owners of portion of lands in the areas impacted by the project.
International financial institution representatives positively evaluated the activity of the structural unit of Georgian State Electrosystem and expressed their preparation for further cooperation in order to contribute to the improvement of the environmental and social management system.