Georgian State Electrosystem at Conference Organized by General Electric

Giorgi Amuzashvili, director of dispatch at Georgian State Electrosystem, participated in the conference organized by GE (General Electric).
The following were discussed at the conference: Advanced Wide-Area Monitoring System (WAMS) software transformation plan, challenges arising from the integration of renewable energy sources, the electricity development plan of various advanced countries and also GE's solutions for electricity transmission system and distribution system operators.
Within the framework of the visit to the WAMS software research center, the company's employees gave a presentation to the representatives of Georgian State Electrosystem about the new functions and capabilities of WAMS.
WAMS was introduced in Georgian State Electrosystem in 2015. It performs fault analysis in Georgian power system and the generators that do not comply with the requirements established by the network rules are monitored through the WAMS system.