Energy Storage Development Project Training

Within the framework of the Energy Storage Development Project, trainings were held at the head office of Georgian State Electrosystem. Employees of various structural units of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Finance, Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission participated in the trainings.

The participants of the meeting discussed the legal requirements of energy collectors, technical standards, battery modeling principles and parameters under the operating conditions of Georgian power system. The conversation touched on determining the volume of work needed to select the optimal power and capacity of energy storage batteries.

Energy storage batteries will play an important role in the stability of Georgian transmission system. It increases limits of integration of solar and wind farms and reduces dependence on electricity imports. The project in Georgian State Electrosystem is implemented with the financial support of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and companies Mercados Aries International, Integration Environment & Energy GmbH and its local partner company PMCG.