Educational Tour at Georgian State Electrosystem

Georgian State Electrosystem hosted senior students from the Lyceum “Mtsignobartukhutsesi” as part of an educational tour.
At the head office of GSE, the students visited the National Dispatch Center and became acquainted with its basic operational principles.
They explored the control panel equipped with the latest technologies, which is responsible for the operational management of the power system.
The students were delivered a presentation on the topic of energy, providing them with information about the role of Georgian State Electrosystem in the country’s energy development.
After their visit to the National Dispatch Center, the educational tour for the students continued at the Substation Navtlughi 220.
Senior students visited the substation and received information about operation of power transmission lines and substations. They also participated in the process of diagnosing power transmission lines using various electrical devices.
The students visited GSE’s training center, where future energy workers have the opportunity to undergo free internships with the prospect of future employment.
Since 2016, Georgian State Electrosystem has been actively conducting educational tours for students from schools in Tbilisi and the regions. This initiative primarily aims to generate interest among the new generation in the field of energy.
GSE is committed to introducing more young people to the ongoing large-scale projects and modern technologies implemented in the company. Therefore, educational tours for students from different schools will be held throughout the year.