Training on Certificates of Origin

Zviad Gachechiladze, a member of the Board of Directors of Georgian State Electrosystem participated in the training organized by the Finnish company Grexel.

The representatives of Finnish company Grexel, which provides technical services for the registries of certificates of origin for representatives of GSE, discussed the following topics: platform for issuance of certificates of origin, refinement of the legal framework, European practices, procedural issues of connecting registration software to the platform for issuance of certificates of origin and others. The said training will help GSE in the further improvement and development of the process of issuance of electricity certificates of origin obtained from renewable energy sources.

The delegation of Georgian State Electrosystem had the opportunity to get acquainted with the registration process, procedures of issuance, transfer and cancellation of certificate of origin by the transmission system operator of Finland – Fingrid.

Representatives of Secretariat of European Energy Union and Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission also participated in the training.