Qualification Raising Tour within the Framework of the Energy Storage Development Program

Giorgi Amuzashvili, Director of Dispatch of Georgian State Electrosystem, along with other representatives of GSE, participated in the qualification raising tour held in South Korea within the framework of the Energy Storage Development Program.

The tour was supported by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), in which representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development, GENEC and the Georgian Energy Exchange also participated. Within the framework of the tour, working meetings were held with various energy companies of the Republic of Korea. The representatives of the energy sector of Georgia got acquainted with the principles of operation of the Korean hybrid power plant, where solar photovoltaic panels and energy storage batteries are located. The experience gained within the mentioned tour will help Georgian experts in the successful development of energy storage systems.

With the financial support of ADB and with the support of Mercados Aries International, Integration Environment & Energy GmbH and local partner PMCG, the Energy Storage Development Program is actively being implemented in the Georgian State Electroystem, which involves the study/development of energy storage batteries.

The implementation of the program will dramatically increase the sustainability of the transmission system of Georgia, support the country's energy independence and increase the possibilities of integrating renewable energy sources.