Meeting with TEIAS and RTE International Representatives

Within the framework of Fichtner consulting company's project Organizational and operational support to GSE, a working meeting of the representatives of GSE, Turkish transmission system operator TEIAS and RTE, French transmission system operator RTE International subsidiary was held at the head office of Georgian State Electrosystem.

The Head of Foreign Affairs and International Projects of TEIAS conducted a training and reviewed in detail the technical and legal requirements of ENTSO-E The European Network of Transmission System Operators for observer members and talked about the studies and measures implemented by TEIAS over the years for obtaining observer status. Issues of future cooperation were also discussed at the working meeting, which aims at obtaining the status of an ENTSO-E observer member for GSE.

The European network of transmission system operators associates 39 transmission system operators from 35 countries, ensuring optimal and stable functioning of internal energy market. The goal of Georgian State Electrosystem is to become an ENTSO-E observer status company, to fully study the policy and legal issues of the European network of transmission system operators. After obtaining the status, GSE will have the opportunity to receive full-fledged knowledge and best practices from a wide circle of TSO experts.

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