Management of the Hydrology Forecasting Platform to be Overseen by Georgian State Electrosystem

Giorgi Gigineishvili, General Director of Georgian State Electrosystem, Jaba Khmaladze, Director of Georgian Energy Development Fund, and Brendan Martin Quigley, Head of Hydropower and Dams of Gruner Stucky Ltd., have signed the contract to transfer the "Enguri Hydrological Initiative" project to GSE.

As part of the initiative, a novel hydrological model was developed to plan the generation of hydroelectric plants located in Enguri basin and optimize the management of Enguri HPP reservoir. The Tethys hydrology forecasting system was developed, the platform uses artificial intelligence for forecasting alongside existing mathematical approaches.

Management of the platform will be overseen by Georgian State Electrosystem. Utilizing a digital technology-based statistical database, GSE will enhance the exploitation of the hydro potential of Enguri River and ensure optimal management of water resources.

The "Enguri Hydrological Initiative" project was implemented by Georgian Energy Development Fund, with financial assistance of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and directly involving Gruner Stucky, leader of the international expert team consortium.