Georgian State Electrosystem to Build New 500 kV Substation

Giorgi Gigineishvili, General Director of Georgian State Electrosystem, along with representatives of Bemoni - YEO partnership - Tolunay Yıldız , Chairman of the Board of Directors of YEO, and Giorgi Mirtskhulava, Head of Bemoni Engineering and Construction, have officially signed the contract for the construction of Idliani 500 substation.

The new substation will be constructed in Mestia municipality, Svaneti region.

This venture, upon completion, will result in a unique substation equipped with state-of-the-art technologies incorporated into Georgia's power system. The new facility will ensure the integration of the power capacities of the hydro power plants currently under construction in Svaneti into the national grid. This will contribute to reducing the country's reliance on electricity imports.

The Bemoni - YEO partnership anticipates completing the design and construction of the substation within a two-year timeframe. The estimated cost of the project is around USD 38.8 million.