English for Power Engineers

The employees of Georgian State Electrosystem were granted certificates for passing the professional training course.

The training course "English for Power Engineers" has been implemented in GSE since 2013, it aims to train employees in the professional English and raise their qualifications. Upon completion of the program, the participants will easily communicate with foreign colleagues in a professional language and conduct important negotiations.

In 2023, on the initiative of Maya Lolashvili, an employee of GSE and the trainer of the course, the first professional studentbook in the Georgian energy sector was created. The book significantly simplified and perfected teaching process. It should be noted that the studentbook, which will be successfully used by the energy industry in the future, was created on behalf of Georgian State Electrosystem.

Georgian State Electrosystem implements large-scale infrastructure projects, which implies building relations with international partners and requires qualified human resources. Every year, the company introduces and implements various training courses and programs to promote the professional development of employees, raise organizational culture and comply with international standards.

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