Cooperation Agreement was Signed between Georgian State Electrosystem and ENTSO-E

An agreement on the provision of data for the transparency platform was signed between Georgian State Electrosystem and the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E), which was signed by Giorgi Gigineishvili, the General Director of GSE and Sonya Twohig, ENTSO-E Secretary General.

The agreement is related to the start of fundamental cooperation on the way to join transmission system operators in European network and involves the publicity and publication of information defined by Grid Code (transmission system planning, operation, electricity generation, cross-border trade...) on the ENTSO-E platform.

Within the framework of the European Union regulation, Georgian State Electrosystem systematically publishes data on the transparency platform, and with the draft of the presented project, GSE will confirm that the published data is of appropriate quality and accuracy.

The mentioned agreement is an important step forward for the ENTSO-E observer and, subsequently, potential membership. Within the groundwork of cooperation with ENTSO-E, Georgian State Electrosystem will have the opportunity to deepen collaboration with transmission system operators operating throughout Europe, which will increase the possibility of attracting investments in the country, will contribute to the growth of professional and institutional capabilities, as well as the perspective of long-term development and deepening energy cooperation with the European Union.

ENTSO-E unites 39 transmission system operators working in 35 countries and aims to ensure optimal and stable functioning of the internal energy market.