Georgian State Electrosystem Representatives at International Conference

Representatives of Georgian State Electrosystem in Salzburg, Austria, attended an international conference organized by SIEMENS.

The conference was held for SCADA/EMS software users and its purpose was to introduce news and innovative trends by SIEMENS experts, to share the experience of different countries for the working groups and to participate in discussions.

GSE made a presentation on the specifics of SCADA/EMS software kits and its modules, which dramatically improved the power system control process in Georgia, facilitated the exchange of more information and efficient dispatching.

With the direct participation of SIEMENS, Georgian State Electrosystem successfully completed the project of Upgrading Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition System in 2020, under which SCADA software and hardware were fully upgraded. At this stage, the system is in line with the standards of the European Transmission System Operator Grid and meets the modern requirements of the system.