Transformer Park Renewal

Within the framework of the Transformer Park Renewal Project, new 500 kV autotransformers were installed at the Gardabani-500 and Zestaponi-500 substations owned by the Georgian State Electrosystem. By this time, the obsolete devices were operating in the substations that had expired for a specified 30 years. As 500 kV system transformers play crucial role in terms of power system stability and reliability, it has become necessary to replace them with new devices.

At the substation Zestafoni-500, 2 pieces of 167 MVA autotransformers were replaced, and in the substation Gardabani-500, 267 MVA autotransformer was installed, which has the largest capacity among the autotransformers owned by the Georgian State Electrosystem. Although the work was carried out under pandemic conditions, the installation of the transformers was completed in the shortest possible time, 4 months.

The commissioning of the new autotransformers will significantly increase the reliability and stability of the power system of both the regions and the country as a whole, and consumers will be provided with an uninterrupted and stable power supply.