Ongoing Works Underway at Georgian State Electrosystem

Georgian State Electrosystem continues construction and reconstruction works at substations and power transmission lines to ensure uninterrupted and reliable energy supply of the country.

220kv and 110kv cell arrangement works for Autotransformer 2 has finished at substation Tskaltubo 220. Foundations of different sizes, grounding contour, six cable wells at the crossroads and 74 cable trough has been finished.On 220 kv side 220kv and 110kv SF6 circuit breakers, six power transformers, interrupter and voltage regulatorare installed.

Due to the changes made on OHL Gardabani, which was made double-circuit, 330kv and 220 kv wing reconstruction is underway at 500 kv substation Gardabani. Assembling of metal structures on 220kv side has already been completed. At this stage, concrete foundations are being prepared for the protective wall columns. Arrangement of reinforced concrete structures are also underway at Gardabani substation to install 330kv cell and autotransformer.

The West Division Power Linemen operate on OHL Derchi 220 kv to replace the damaged insulators on the towers.

Foundations are being prepared at the tower arrangement points on Alaverdi OHL under the Alaverdi Loop in/loop out project.

Design and procurement of material and equipment are in active phase to carry out works on double circuit OHL 220kv Aragvi.