Jvari-Khorga Construction Works Underway

Within the framework of Jvari-Khorga project, Georgian State Electrosystem has completed the construction of a 700-meter section of the 500-kv transmission line Kavkasioni in the village of Chale, Tsalenjikha Municipality.

"Development of the transmission grid is one of the most important and key issues for the energy independence of our country. This is what the project of construction of power transmission lines connecting Jvari and Khorga substations serves, which will increase the country's capacity, both in terms of electricity transit and electricity supply in the regions,"- said Ucha Uchaneishvili, Chairman of the Management Board of GSE.

Georgian State Electrosystem has been implementing a large-scale project for the construction of power transmission lines connecting Jvari-500 and Khorga-220 substations since 2014. Within the framework of the project, works for looping 500 kv double-chain power transmission line Kavkasioni in the substation Jvari are carried out. After the completion of the project, the transit capacity of electricity will increase dramatically, also sustainability of the country's unified energy system will be inhanced and the local population will be provided with uninterrupted and reliable energy supply, which is a key prerequisite for Georgia's energy security and stability.

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