Georgian State Electrosystem Successfully Passed Quality Management System Audit

Georgian State Electrosystem has successfully passed the annual quality management system audit, as a result the company has maintained the validity of the ISO-9001 standard. The audit services were performed by the auditors of DQS, an international auditing and certification company.

The three-year quality management certificate was awarded to Georgian State Electrosystem in 2014. At the time, GSE was the first energy organization in Georgia to hold the certificate. In 2017, DQS GmbH issued a three-year certificate, in 2021, GSE was successfully re-certified and validity of a new certificate was extended till October 13, 2023 which covers three years of supervisory audits.

Georgian State Electrosystem takes into account the requirements of stakeholders, improves the company's infrastructure, evaluates the risks and opportunities that may affect the quality of service provided by the company. GSE continues to introduce international standards and stands by the companies that hold leading positions in the world market.

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