Georgian State Electrosystem Shared Experience with an Australian Company

Ucha Uchaneishvili, Chairman of the Management Boardof Georgian State Electrosystem, met with representatives of Australian Energy Distribution Company (Essential Energy) and the German consulting firm (IPS). The purpose of the meeting was to share the experience of the Georgian side on the system of Work and Asset Management (WAM) implemented by the GSE.

During the working meeting the importance of the WAM program was discussed, GSE staff shared with their Australian counterparts the experience of creating a unified database system and made recommendations on how to operate the program.It was noted at the meeting that the program facilitates core asset management and significantly improves and simplifies work process.
The WAM program has been introduced in the Georgian State Electrosystem to provide proper, fast and efficient control of primary and secondary electrical equipment and devices.

Among the companies in Georgia, Georgian State Electrosystem is the first energy company to implement this system.

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