Georgian State Electrosystem Grid Operators Work without Leaving the Office

Georgian State Electrosystem is a facility of strategic importance for our country.

GSE Headquarters has a Control Center called National Dispatch Center and a Control Panel, which coordinates operation of consumption and generation of all units of power system. The continuous and secure power supply of our country depends on the work of the National Dispatch Center. During this hard times, GSE dispatchers (grid operators) do their best to ensure proper functioning of power system and uninterrupted power supply for every Georgian citizen.

In order to minimize the risks, on March11 a decision was made by Georgian State Electrosystem, that dispatchers will work without leaving the office after a two-week observation period. Hence, from March 23, grid operators will continuously work in the office for two weeks, without leaving the workplace.

Today, when our country and each of its citizens, face great challenges, it is of crucial importance to take our share of civil responsibility and help the country function properly.