First Paper from Georgia Presented at CIGRE Paris Sessions

First time in Georgia, scientific work of Mikheil Rukhvadze and Omar Burdiashvili, employees of the Georgian State Electrosystem, “Modelling of the automatic emergency response system used in Georgian power system" will be presented at CIGRE 2020 Centennial E-session, Paris. The paper was prepared by the joint efforts of the GSE staff and the Parvus Group.

It is important for the Georgian State Electrosystem to involve GSE employees in the process of case studying the challenges in the power system, in the process of assessment of innovations and technologies in the field of scientific research and electricity. This very opportunity is provided by the International Council on Large Electric Systems (CIGRE), which brings together 59 national committees and more than 14,000 leading researchers, academics, engineers, technicians and large manufacturers from more than 90 countries around the world. Therefore, under the initiative of GSE, CIGRE National Committee of Georgia was established in 2018 to facilitate the sharing of technical knowledge and data in the field of electricity generation, transmission and distribution.

GSE congratulates Mikheil Rukhvadze and Omar Burdiashvili on their professional success!